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What Type Of Guitar Collector Are You?

The Purist

What type of collector are you?

Here is a fun list of guitar collector archetypes. I created these descriptions because I can see them all within myself. Don't take them too seriously as this is all meant in jest, however, don't be surprised if you see a bit of yourself in some of these descriptions. 

This person can’t stop buying guitars. Any guitar that is. If they remotely like it, or don’t have it, they buy it. Their collection is out of control and full of an eclectic mix of new, old, and broken. They always have one or two cool guitars that justify the collection, but for them it’s about quantity over quality. Whoever dies with the most guitars wins. They refer to their collection as a “Herd” that needs thinning.

This person believes they have cornered the market on quality, vintage and rare guitars. They are the ones that buy that “Playboy” Les Paul signed by Paul Stanley because it’s the only one of its kind. If it’s a guitar released in limited edition, they have to have it. These  collectors believe their guitars are extra special, unique, beautiful, rare, all of which inspire them to snobbishness. Their collection doesn't need thinning. Only polishing.

This person can only collect 100% original guitars with no modifications. They tend to specialize in vintage guitars and believe that Eddie Van Halen’s FrankenStrat is blasphemous and therefore can’t be any good. No new ideas accepted here. If it isn’t as originally designed, they aren’t interested. They are a variety of The Snob in that they believe their purist collection is above any other collection due to its originality.

This person has found a way to turn hoarding into a business. They love to buy and sell, but not so much that they make money, as they often don’t. Instead it's a way for them to keep buying guitars with less guilt. They’ll buy anything they think they can make a buck off of. This one is always on the look out for cheap used cases.

This is the person who has nine acrylic B.C. Rich Warlocks in each color of the rainbow. Or collects guitars that only have a Beer Brand painted on them. Or signature guitars of each member of certain bands. If they weren’t collecting guitars, they’d be collecting toasters or different types of barbwire just because.


This person collects guitars only based on their playability with zero regard for any other quality the guitar may have. As such, their collection can vary greatly in content, but will always be high in substance and cool factor. This collector is the one you want as your friend so you can borrow their guitars. 

This person wants high value, “Mint” condition vintage guitars. They read “Guitar Aficionado” and believe that guitars should be kept in a vault and not played for fear of making a scratch that will devalue the guitar. 

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The Snob

The Hoarder