Vinasco Vintage Guitars

Because Guitars Are Cool.

Three of my favorite Super Strats from Left to Right:

2007 Jackson Custom Shop SL2H, 1986 Charvel, 2005 Jackson Custom Shop SL1.

My first Super Strat was a Kramer half flying V modeled after Randy Rhoads custom Jackson model. Like others of my early guitars, it too has been lost to the sands of time. 

Around 2000, I began getting into home
recording made possible by advancements in digital technologies. I also began
acquiring a few new guitars that would serve my more metallic recording needs. 

Although, I’ll likely never collect Super
Strats with the same interest as I collect Les Pauls, Super Strats will always be an important go to guitar for me in the studio. They consistently deliver killer crunch and speed.  I’d put my ESP Horizon up against any guitar for quality construction and playability. Simply superb.

At least that's my humble opinion. :)

I’m passionate about Gibson Les Paul
guitars for all the reasons thus far mentioned, however, I spent most of my
playing time on Super Strats. I admire Fender, but have never been a big Fender
user. However, the twists luthiers and manufacturers such as Wayne Charvel and
Grover Jackson brought to a new style of playing as the seventies turned into the eighties, created a leaner, lighter, faster guitar with new bridge and tremolo innovations that would take electric lead guitar playing to the next level. 

Perhaps the player most attributed with the early development of Super Strats is Eddie Van Halen. He built his guitar by
hand, using an imperfect body and a neck bought from Wayne Charvel's guitar shop. The body and neck were constructed by Lynn Ellsworth of Boogie Bodies guitars, His custom design parts were sold by Wayne Charvel at the time. Eddie installed a humbucker in the bridge position, essentially creating a Fat Strat. The era of Super Strats was born. 

These new hot rod Stratocaster shaped
guitars were designed for a new type of playing. One that including tapping and
playing arpeggios as high up on the neck, as possible. Additionally, new players were innovating the tone and technique of modern electric guitar, and the Floyd Rose tremolo system provided for an entirely new palate of techniques and sounds. 

Joe Satriani

John Petrucci

Steve Morse

Kirk Hammett

The Allure Of Virtuosity