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1955 Gibson Les Paul goldtop model guitar specs:

  • Wrap around tailpiece and accompanying studs changed slightly.

  • The "ears" of the tailpiece changed in thickness from 3/16" to 1/4".

  • The accompanying studs had to change also so the new tailpiece would fit the studs.

  • This increase in ear thickness stopped the ears from cracking at the intonation adjustment screw, which was common on the thinner 3/16" thick ear tailpieces.

  • Pickup spacing chnaged from 3 1/8" to 3"; this moved the bridge pickup towards the neck just a bit, putting more wood in front of the wrap-around bridge studs (because some models had problems with the wood cracking in front of the treble stud).

  • By fall 1955 the Les Paul Standard changed from the wrap-around tailpiece to a ABR-1 tunematic bridge and stop tailpiece. 

  • Unique neck curvature, size, and 'rounding' of the top edge is what the Gibson Custom Shop have used as their 'ideal' shape for their custom shop limited edition 55 guitars.

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The 1955 Les Paul

Collectability: "B"

Collectibility Rating: 1952-1953:The