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1954 Gibson Les Paul goldtop model guitar specs:

  • Neck set increased from 3degree to 4 degrees to give additional wrap tail movement adjustment.

  • This allowed for greatly downward adjustment of the stopbar bridge (1953 Les Pauls with wrap stop tails often are down all the way to the guitar's top to achieve good string playing action).

  • Note there were a handful of 1954 Goldtops made with the serial number starting with "7". This is confusing as the "7" would otherwise mean 1957 (and a 1957 Goldtop would have a Tunematic bridge). This was no doubt a mistake by Gibson.

  • The pot source/code can be checked to verify the correct year. I would estimate less than ten of these 1954 Goldtops with a 1957 serial number exist.

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The 1954 Les Paul

Collectability: "B"

Collectibility Rating: 1952-1953:The