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1953 Gibson Les Paul goldtop model guitar specs:

  • Serial number on back of peghead.

  • Stud wrap-around tailpiece/bridge with strings looping over bridge(the trapeze tailpiece/bridge was abandoned).

  • The conversion from trapezetailpiece to wrap-around on the 1953 Les Paul started at earliest around serialnumber "3 13xx" (so early 1953 models still use the older trapeze tailpiece).

  • Neck set increased from 1 degree (trapeze tail) to 3 degrees (stopwrap tail) to compensate for the new tailpiece in early 1953, but as 1954approach the neck set increased again slightly from 3 degrees to 4 degrees. This allowed for greatly downward adjustment of the stopbar bridge (1953 Les Pauls with wrap stop tails often are down all the way to the guitar's top to achieve good string playing action).

  • The gold barrel-shaped knobs on 1953 stopbar Les Pauls are shorter than the knobs used on the 1952 trapeze models (1952 knobs 5/8" tall, 1953 knobs 1/2" tall).

  • A cream plastic ryhthm/treble round plate was added around the toggle switch.

  • In 1953 the case for the Les Paul Standard now had a curved top, echoing the carved maple top of the guitar.

  • The rear control route was change in 1953 around serial number "3 22xx". This trapeze tailpiece ground channel route was discontinued. This route was used for the ground wire running to the claw of the trapeze tailpiece.


The 1953 Les Paul

Collectability: "C", "B"

Collectibility Rating: 1952-1953:The