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Neck is fat and bold. With original small frets, the Brazilian Rosewood fret board is in excellent condition.

Regarding the 1954 Les Paul featured in this page's photo, I searched a long time before acquiring this amazing specimen. Completely original in every way, and extremely clean, this guitar screams vintage vibe and sounds amazing. Someone took extremely good care of this guitar. I will do the same.

Like the '54, I also spent a  lot of time looking for just the right '55 Les Paul. After visiting many collectors and dealers and playing many great guitars, I finally found "the one". This 1955 Les Paul is completely original in every way, with an amazing neck with particularly dark Brazilian Rosewood. Complimented by gorgeous checking and wear, this guitar screams with vintage mojo and sounds as good as can be found.




When Gibson first launched the Les Paul solid body electric guitar in 1952, Les Paul specified that the guitar be offered in a gold finish so as to emphasize the high quality of the instrument. In fact, some examples can be found painted completely in gold back and front. The all gold guitars are indeed more rare, but less coveted by
collectors due to their tendency to turn green in more places. Greening occurs
due to the oxidation of copper within the paint used at the time.

As indicated by the guitar's trapeze tailpiece, this 1953 Les Paul is an early '53 and is 100% original. Held by a collector for the past 35 years, she is in excellent condition. 

This guitar has amazing P90 pickups. The neck pickup as a deep, rich, and warm tone with lots of power. The bridge pickup is bright, but with the perfect balance of mids to highs. 

The '50s Goldtops Left to Right: 

100% Original Very Early 1952 GT, 100% Original Early 1953 GT, 100% Original 1954 GT,
​100% Original 1955 GT, 100% Original 1956 GT

The '50s Goldtops