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The Rise of Boutique Builders
A look at the rise of small guitar luthiers and builders making a name for themselves in today's challenging marketplace.

As boutique builders continue to grow, each seeks to find their niche. The result has been the creation of new hybrid guitars.

What Type of Guitar Collector Are You?
A fun, not too serious look at different guitar collector archetypes. Have a read and see if any of them sound familiar to you.

Gibson's Golden Decade

A synopsis of the evolution of the Gibson Les Paul.

Unique Features of First Run of Les Paul

A review of the unique features of the very first run of the Gibson Les Paul.

Idols for the Ages Played Gibson Les Pauls

A tip of the hat to some of my favorite players who helped to make the Les Paul the legend it is today.

Router Chaw

Insights into an obscure but important detail of Les Paul manufacturing during the 1950s.

Best Alone, Better Together

A fun way to look at certain groups of Les Pauls in my


The Goldtops

A deeper look at my current Goldtop collection.

The '50s Goldtops

A closer look at the '50s Goldtops in my current


Late Sixties Goldtops

A closer look at the '68 and '69 Goldtops in my current collection.

Rock and Roll and the Rickenbacker 4001

A brief synopsis of some of my favorite Rick players who contibuted to incorporating its unique sound into new Rock and Roll.

A Brief History of the Rickenbacker 4001

A review of the major changes to the 4001 from the time of it's launch in 1961 to the end of production in 1983.

The Allure of Virtuosity

A few thoughts about the players and the evolution of lead guitar playing that supported the rise of the Super Strat.

Super Strats
A look at my collection of Super Strats as well as my favorite Super Strat models and manufacturers.

The articles found here are my humble attempt to share fun opinions and real facts about guitars generally and Les Pauls specifically.

Over my years of playing and collecting guitars, I have gathered a lot of information from different sources including books, articles, online forums, other collectors, players etc. I hope to share as much of this information as I can in the form of additional articles.

As time continues, check back to see what new articles and information are made available.