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VOS Lemon Burst 1958 Reissue

By the time I acquired this Les Paul, I had already bought a Prehistoric 1960 reissue and VOS 1959 reissue. I was only missing a great ’58 reissue to complete the three greatest years of Gibson’s Les Paul history i.e. the Bursts. 

As with the ’59 reissue, I also wanted an LP made to 1958 vintage original specifications (VOS). After searching high and low, I came upon this amazing Lemon Burst flamed maple top, which like my ’60 reissue was also made for Japanese dealer, Yamano. 

Known for their specializing in highly flamed tops, Yamano is a sign of quality in Les Paul maple tops. However, different than my ’60 and ’59 reissue, this guitar is chambered. At first, I was reluctant to stray from the pure solid body assembly of the original burst design. That is, until I played this guitar. This Les Paul sounds amazing with a highly resonant tone even when played unplugged. And due to its chambered interior, she’s the lightest Les Paul of my collection. 

2011 VOS Les Paul Standard R8