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Luscious Lemon Burst ’54 Reissue

Perhaps my favorite Les Paul model aside from the ’59 Burst, is the 1954 Les Paul with its wrap around stoptail fixed bridge and P90 pickups. What a sound they have. 

Originally, these were only made with Goldtop finishes, however, today, VOS ’54 reissues have also been made available with other finishes. 

I particularly like this guitar’s bright yellow (lemon) finish. With a very slight flame, it’s
almost a plane top that really shows off the brilliant lemon maple top. 

Accurate to the vintageoriginal specification (VOS) of a 1954 Les Paul, except for the Goldtop finish, this guitar has a chunky neck, and plays like a dream. The P90s provide bright sparkly tones when used with lower volume, and growl with a snarl only a Rottweiler could imitate, when volume is cranked. 

A wrap around stoptail with P90s in a Lemon Burst finish. What’s not to love?

2011 Les Paul Standard R4