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Amazing Custom Shop Standard 

As I got into all things Les Paul, I found myself to be a purist, favoring Les Pauls based on any of the models from 1952 to 1960. I endeavored to build a collection that paid tribute to those great LPs. Along the way, I acquired many great reissues, but did not own a regular production model Les Paul Standard. 

Although during each decade Gibson produced some amazing guitars, some years are more hit or miss than others. Today, the quality of Gibson’s production Les Pauls is arguably as good as any time since, but not including the 1950s, when better tone woods, materials, and craftsmanship were believed to have existed. 

Today’s modern Les Pauls have push pull pots that provide coil tapping and phase reversing options previously only available on custom order guitars or one of the Jimmy Page signature models from 1996. As such, I wanted to have a contemporary example of Gibson’s famed line of single cutaways. Then I found this amazing top in a rare Purple Burst finish originally ordered in limited run and subsequently discontinued.

2011 Custom Les Paul Standard