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VOS ’57 Goldtop Reissue

No collection dedicated to Gibson’s greatest decade of solid body single cutaway guitars would be complete without a 1957 Goldtop. 

Famous for being the first year of Seth Lover’s famed PAF humbuckers, the ’57 Goldtop is the
pinnacle of electric solid body guitars. The problem is an original ’57 Les Paul Goldtop costs as much as a sports car. 

Due to this fact, I found myself looking for a great reissue. Many have existed throughout the years, but not all have been as accurate. 

Beginning with Gibson’s re-introduction of the Les Paul in 1968, Gibson created what was closer to a 1956 Les Paul complete with P90s. Strike one. In late 1969, Gibson introduced the Les Paul Deluxe model. Originally a Goldtop, the Deluxe had mini-humbuckers. Strike two for Gibson as they sought to recreate the gold of 1957. 

Today, Gibson’s Vintage Original Specifications series (VOS) produces the most accurate recreation of the ’57 Goldtop. This guitar plays beautifully and has tone for days and days.  Home run!

2010 VOS Les Paul Standard R7