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Pre Pre-historic 3PU Black Beauty

The first Les Paul I ever saw in person was a Black Beauty back in the 1970s. It was love at first sight. That and the fact that many of my guitar idols played Les Pauls, it wasn’t hard for me to love everything about them. Although known for his #1 and #2 ’59 Bursts, Guitar God, Jimmy Page’s first Les Paul was actually a 3 pickup Black Beauty equipped with a Bigsby tailpiece. 

As I sought to expand my collection beyond the famed Burst years, I was looking for a ’57 Black Beauty with 3 monster humbuckers.  I found it in this 1990 Prehistoric ’57 reissue, complete with long tenon.

And yes, it’s a very heavy guitar, but the overwhelming roar of this beast makes it worth every visit to the Chiropractor. The neck is not too thick, and the ebony fingerboard brings out the darkest tones for those power chords only the hardest of rockers never stop searching for. 

From its serious black finish, to its heavy weight, to 3 humbuckers, this guitar is a classic in every way. 

1990 Les Paul Black Beauty R7