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1982 Rickenbacker 4001 Jet Glo

 Vinasco Vintage Guitars

Black As Night

I began playing music as a bass player in a ‘70s punk band called “The Endtables”. Thirty two years
after the 1979 release of our self titled EP, Drag City Records in Chicago, Illinois re-released our first record complete with additional live tracks. The success of that re-release was more than any of us could have imagined. In addition to making it to the top of WFMU’s chart in July of 2010, we were also invited to play at the famed independent music festival South By South West held each year in Austin, Texas. 

Back in the seventies, I played a red Fire Glo 4001 and my brother, The Endtables’ lead guitarist, played a black Les Paul copy by Univox. Just prior to 2011, my brother purchased a red wine Les Paul Custom. So as I needed a 4001, I chose to go with black, reversing the color selection of guitars we originally had back in the
day. The result is this amazing 4001 Jet Glo. 

This bass guitar emits vibrant and magical tones with bright sustain, and growling depth. Equally at home live on stage, or in the recording studio.