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Beautiful Carved Top

Richi Quilted Finish

Amazing Heritage Head to Toe

Amazing Quilt, Amazing Heritage

I fell in love with this guitar for its amazing quilt top the first time I saw it. At that time, I wasn’t aware it was a rare “Standard 82” from the Heritage line.  There were several characteristics that appeared out of place including no dot over the “I”, an uneven serial number stamp, and an unusual “2” faintly visible above serial number. 

After further investigation and with the help of Mike Slubowski, legendary Les Paul collector, I was able to verify the authenticity of this beautiful LP. With serial number 811620003 this is one of the last LPs to be made in Kalamazoo. It came off the line as a “second”, hence the “2” above the serial number. As serial numbers were placed with individual number stamps, the numbers are not even.  As for the dot over the “I”, it is in fact there, but very faint. The amazing honey burst quilt top is like that of the Heritage Elite series, to which the “Standard 82” was related. Complete
with Tim Shaw humbucker pickups, this guitar rocks!

1982 Les Paul Heritage Standard ‘82