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Toaster Pickup

Crushed Pear Inlays

Deep Burgundy Finish

The above picture shows the reknown “Toaster” pickup at the neck position. These pickups were only installed in Rickenbacker 4001 bass guitars prior to 1973, when a higher output pickup came to replace them. Known for their smooth low end, they sound amazing when looking for a less aggressive touch. Pictured to the left, one can see the crush pearl inlays that run the height of the fretboard from top to bottom.  These inlays would be replaced by plastic resin after 1973, and not all crushed pearl inlays run the entire height top to bottom, but are usually smaller, making this particular bass more valuable. 

Like a Fine Wine, It Only Gets Better With Age.

Speaking of jewels, here is another example of Rickenbacker’s amazing craftsmanship prior to 1973. Complete with toaster neck pickup, crushed pearl inlays from top of the
fretboard to the bottom, and checkerboard binding, this beautiful guitar is in
excellent condition. 

My favorite color is what is known as “Burgundy Glo”, a dark purple, eggplant color that is set off by its chrome hardware and rosewood


1972 Rickenbacker 4001 Burgundy Glo