A Rescued Reissue!

When Gibson began producing the Les Paul again in 1968, it was not a reissue of the famed late '50s bursts complete with humbuckers. Instead, 1968 and 1969 Les Pauls only came with P90 pickups. In 1970, GIbson introduced the Les Paul Deluxe, a multi-piece pancake body design with a multi-piece neck and mini-humbuckers. In fact, Gibson did not issue a Les Paul Standard with humbuckers until 1976. 

However, in the very early 1970's due to requests for discontinued models, Gibson created a series of limited edition Les Paul guitars including this Standard with a one piece mahogany body, a maple cap, a one piece neck and P90 pickups.

Due to their limited runs, these one piece body/one piece neck Standards can be very hard to come by. 

By the time I acquired this guitar, someone had already drilled new holes into the top to accomodate new tune-o-matic bridge posts and at one time had even installed a trapeze tail piece. Additionally, the guitar had PU cavities routed to accomodate humbuckers.

Although this guitar had been the victim of invasive experimentation, it was still solid and in great shape. In fact, the previous owner had installed Lindy Fralin humbuckers which sound great.

I installed a reliced nickel stoptail, tune-o-matic, PU covers and Kluson tuners. The result is a very cool forty six year old vintage LP player.

1972 Twentieth Anniversay 
​Limited Edition Gibson Les Paul

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