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A "Lawsuit" Guitar

The term "lawsuit" guitar refers to high quality copies of popular American brand name guitars (like Fender and Gibson) produced by Japanese companies in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s. This is one such guitar.

This guitar has a wild history. Born as a Univox copy of a Les Paul in 1969, it was refinished with a classic period correct psychedelic motif a la Peter Max. 

I first saw this guitar in 1983 in Cleveland, Ohio when a friend of mine, named Denis, found her while working a home demolition job. What a find!

When Denis first showed me and a mutual friend the guitar, we were blown away. What a unique looking guitar. Denis was not a guitar player, and subsequently gave the guitar to our mutual friend.

Even though our friend now had posession she would forever be known as Denis' guitar. Tragically, Denis committed suicide a few years later, making this guitar all the more meaningful for those of us who knew Denis and the story behind this guitar.

Over the years, my friend and I would take her out of the case every now and then to share with others and people were always amazed by her "far out" looks. 

In 1989, my friend who originally received the guitar from Denis, lost the guitar in an oversees move. 

Fastforward twenty five years to 2014, and I came across her on eBay. I made sure that this time she would never leave again. She is still and will always be Denis' guitar.

May Denis R.I.P.

1969 Univox Les Paul