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An Original Player With A Tune-o-matic Bridge.

This 1956 Les Paul is all original and the only '50s era Les Paul I have that is painted all gold. Each year from '52 to '57, Gibson produced a number of guitars painted completely in gold. Some say, it was a way for them to hide certain wood blemishes. Regardless of the reason, there are much fewer all gold Les Pauls than goldtops.

The single biggest difference between this Les Paul and all of my other '50s era Les Pauls is the addition of the ABR Tune-o-matic bridge which first appeared in very late '55, and has been the bridge of choice ever since.

This particular guitar has a few issues that put it in the player category. One capacitor has been changed, and the there was a fracture in the headstock which was fixed many moons ago and holds solid to this day. 

I wouldn't usually buy a vintage guitar with a headstock fracture, but this one played superbly and the tone and feel could not be denied. This guitar plays and sounds as good as any Les Paul I own. It is simply an amazing sounding and playing Les Paul. The neck is beefy, yet smooth as silk. The sound is particularly articulate and there are big differences between the three switching options with regards to changes in tone. 

I purchased this guitar at the Arlington Guitar Show from Mike Andarakes of Great Neck Guitars in Witchita Falls, Texas. 

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1956 Gibson Les Paul