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This amazing specimen is one of the very first Les Paul's ever made. This is indicated by several key defining factors namely, the fact that there is no binding on the neck, the dot of the "i" is touching the "G" in the logo on the headstock, the bridge P90 has screws placed at the diagonal corners of the pickup, and the knobs are 5/8" in height. Additionally, the electronics cavity has a smooth parallelogram shape instead of the clover leaf shape that would come to define the shape of LP cavities. Finally, the neck pickup's wiring runs through the center of the PU cavity instead of to the side as it does on all other LPs made after these early '52s.

These are all features only found on the very first run of Les Pauls. Some say as few as 12 were made, and the highest estimates say as many as 100 were produced before adding binding to the neck, changing the placement screws of the bridge P90, going to 1/2" knobs, and the "i" no longer touching the "G" in the headstock logo.

This particular guitar is full of mojo. She has great wear from lots of playing throughout the decades, but remains 100% original, including original frets. Perhaps one of the best, if not the best sounding vintage LP I have in my collection.

I acquired this guitar from a private owner in Nottingham, England. He had bought the guitar in 1979, and then auctioned it off at Christies in London in 1992, only to purchase it again in 2012 from the same buyer who had won the auction some 20 years earlier. 

The First On The Way To The Burst

Note the dot of the "i" touches the "G" of the Gibson Logo On The Headstock.

Notice Pick Up Screws With Diagonal Placement On Bridge P90 PU

1952 Gibson Les Paul 

5/8" High Kobs Shown Here.

Very Early 1952 Les Paul With Original Bridge.

Beautiful wear pattern from decades of playing.