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Zerberus Uriel 

Floyd Rose tremelo with potentiometers that are Push-Pull for coil tapping

Old Flamed Ash

Back looks as good as the front.

Pau Ferro Fretboard

Wonderful Wickedness: A Seven String Stormtrooper

This is one hell of an axe.  The Uriel is a unique seven string masterpiece and the only one of its kind on the planet. Completed in 2016, this guitar took Frank Scheucher owner of Zerberus Guitars approximately two years to complete. 

Frank used Walnut found locally in his area in Germany. Well seasoned for around 29 years, the wood used for this guitar was stored in the attic of a barn for more than 17 years and then stored another 12 years at another location.

The top is made from a cap of flamed Ash also from Germany. Maple and Red Makoré run through the middle of the body. 

The neck is made from Maple and Black African Wenge and is set deep into the body. The fretboard is made of Pau Ferro and the inlays are made of genuine Mother of pearl. 

The neck has 24 frets and Frank used a mixed fret system with 2.8mm frets from frets 1 to 12 and 2.3mm frets from 13  to 24, allowing for more space the higher up the neck you go.

The Uriel has one master volume and one master tone control, plus a 3 way toggle switch. The potentiometers are Push-Pull for coil tapping. A DiMarzio D-Activator pickup is used for the neck pickup and a DiMarzio Evolution 7 is used for the Bridge position. The bridge sports a Floyd Rose tremolo system with Wilkinson locking tuners and strap lock system. 

Maple and Red Makoré run through the middle of the body

"Zerberus Uriel"
​by Frank Scheucher
Zerberus Uriel 

Innovative Design