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Sublime German Beauty

This Zerberus Chaimira isn’t just a guitar just like a Lamborghini Diablo isn’t just a car. Made in 2014, the Chaimira is the creation of Frank Scheucher founder and owner of Zerberus Guitars located in Speyer, Germany. Only 40 of this model were ever produced.

I love the look of this guitar, but what makes the Chaimira really special to me is the combination of concept, design, hand selected tonewoods and its high-end hardware.

The body is made from a solid piece of Korina wood with an 18 mm thick Maple cap with a wonderul flame. Not too much, not too little. Then neck is made from hard Maple and is glued deep into the body. She has a 25.5 inch scale and 24 medium jumbo frets. The Black Ebony fretboard has block inlays made of mother of pearl and abalone.The tremolo is a Wilkinson VS100 made by Goto.  

Frank even designed the pickups and this guitar has 4 humbuckers. Not something you see every day. The pickups are called Kammerstein Quadrail humbuckers.  They can be coil-tapped by push-pulling the volume or tone knobs. When playing with the single coil option the sound is Stratocasteresque, bright, percussive, and round. When the neck humbucker is engaged you can easily play Jazz, while adding some gain and using the bridge pickup she’ll rock hard with the best of them.

Even unplugged, this guitar surprises with a very distinct sound and exceptional volume.

Mother of Pearl and Abalone Inlays

"Zerberus Chaimira"
by Franck Scheucher 

Kammerstein Quadrail Humbuckers

Wilkinson VS100 Tremelo Made by Goto

Stunning and Highly Versatile Chaimira Black Tiger

Unique Design and Contours